Welcome to Motse Lodge & Wena Tented Camp

At Motse Lodge, you will find the perfect location for everything from conferences and functions to holidays and family events.

We offer everything from camping to luxury accomodation in well-equiped chalets. As the first Lodge in Kanye.

Motse Lodge prides its selve in giving its guests an eventful and adventurous stay. With the tonnes of activities that are readily available. Whether it may be a Boat cruise through the majestic Mmakgodumo Dam to miles of hiking and sight seeing of historic landmarks that would give enthusiastic tourists a glimpse into our origins while capturing and fascinating the inquisitive mind, you are certain to have a memomrable trip under our trustful hands.

Tour Guides

We affiliate with one the best Tour guides in Kanye and surrounding areas some of which are to ensure you enjoy some of the Activities Kanye has to offer like :-

  • Bird Watching
  • Hiking
  • Geoligical interests
  • Exploring the famous George


We offer a variety of services, some of which are :-


  • Comference Events
  • Wedding Events
  • Corporate retreats
  • Cultural activities


We Are Social!